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A Statement on Professional Conduct from the Provost and Main Campus Deans

In an effort to use multiple channels of communication, I use this post to duplicate an email sent to faculty and staff:

Universities are environments devoted to exchanging alternative ideas and perspectives. For that reason, an academic community is uniquely dependent on the assurance of civility and professional conduct for all its members.

Bullying has no place at Georgetown. Here, care for the whole person, cura personalis, focuses attention on empathy towards others, not on attention to ourselves or to whether our own needs are being met. Caring for others can mean actively listening to those with different views. It can mean reframing one’s comments or changing one’s actions, out of respect for others’ concerns. For those in authority, it means sensitivity to power differentials during conversations. It means allowing others to uphold their beliefs, while maintaining one’s own beliefs. Each of us must behave with respect for others, even while disagreeing on some subject matter.

Georgetown faculty, staff, and students spend many hours each week in joint work, interacting both one-on-one and in larger groups, to execute the mission of the university. These interactions cumulatively produce an organizational culture, a set of expected behaviors based on shared norms and values. Thus, each of us, acting in concert with others, creates the culture of Georgetown. Of course, the university has policies to undergird these norms, and those of us in authority roles have obligations to enforce rules of behavior that are consistent with these norms of behavior. But, civility requires that each of us continuously evaluates our own actions. As faculty, staff, and students at this University, it is our privilege – and our responsibility – to model the behavior we seek in others.

Robert M. Groves, Provost
Paul Almeida, Dean of the McDonough School of Business
Maria Cancian, Dean of the McCourt School of Public Policy
Rosario Ceballo, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Joel Hellman, Dean of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Kelly Otter, Dean of the School of Continuing Studies
Alexander Sens, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

4 thoughts on “A Statement on Professional Conduct from the Provost and Main Campus Deans

  1. It’s important to respect the rules and regulations of different places of business, especially when it comes to a statement of professional conduct from Dean.

    Thank you

  2. On behalf of Main Campus staff / AAP employees, we thank you for this important step in affirming the importance of civility and professional conduct for all members of the University community. Too many times, we have heard of cases in which Staff/AAP employees have been bullied by other members of the University community. As well, we understand that other members of the University Community also suffer from similar incidents.. Therefore, we wholeheartedly agree that bullying has no place at Georgetown and that civility and professional conduct must be a part of the University’s organizational culture.

    We also applaud the fact that each of us is responsible for upholding this culture and adhering to our shared norms and values. We further applaud the fact that this is a particular obligation of those in authority roles.

    We sincerely hope that the University will further strengthen this move towards a culture of civility and professional conduct by:

    (1) Extending this statement to the entire University, including all campuses

    (2) Adopting an official Anti-Bullying / Civility Policy that has clear processes for implementation

    Main Campus Caucus, Staff/AAP Advisory Council:
    Lauren Bauschard
    Gilbert Bonafé, Jr.
    Caitlin Cochran
    Brittany Fried
    Heather Malneritch
    Mindy McWilliams
    Amanda Ruthven
    Conor Sinclair
    Maria Snyder
    Jesse Szeto

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