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Comment Policy

Welcome to this Georgetown University blog. Georgetown offers these blogging services to you subject to the following terms and conditions of use. These terms of use apply to blogs that are accessible to the general public. By using this blog, you agree to the following terms and conditions of use:

Guiding Principles

Georgetown University encourages open debate and discussion and is a strong supporter of free speech. At the same time, the university also seeks to promote a campus community that respects diversity and inclusiveness. Contributors to this blog are expected to contribute material that reflects well on the Georgetown University community. By using this blog you agree to refrain from making comments that include profanity and personal attacks or comments that can be viewed as derogatory, inflammatory or obscene by individual members or groups within the university community. The administrators of this blog reserve the right in its sole discretion to remove posts or comments that Georgetown determines do not meet the foregoing standards, violate any of these terms or conditions (including any of the Georgetown University policies referred to herein), or are otherwise inappropriate.

By using this blog, you agree to abide by applicable federal, state and local laws regarding copyright, rights of privacy and publicity, and defamation. Specifically, you agree that you will post no content that infringes the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of any party, infringes the right of privacy or the right of publicity of any person, defames any person or entity, or is otherwise illegal, obscene, defamatory or injurious. And you agree that you will indemnify and hold harmless Georgetown University from any and all claims or liabilities arising against Georgetown from your use of the blog. Users of this blog should only contribute material that they have the legal right to use. If you cite the works of others in a post, you are required to accurately portray the previous and attribute the work to the original author. For more information about copyright, please refer to the Georgetown University Copyright Information Page.

Acceptable Use

Usage of this blog by university faculty, staff and students is covered by the Georgetown University Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy. Faculty, staff and students also agree to use this blog in a way that complies with university policies, including those regarding plagiarism and academic integrity, copyright, the student code of conduct and the code of ethical conduct for faculty and staff.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Users of this blog must adhere to Georgetown University’s policies regarding privacy and confidentiality.

Syndication of Content

The University retains the right to syndicate (via RSS and other syndication methods) publicly available content distributed through our blog system for the purpose of highlighting the work of the Georgetown University community. By using the University’s blog application, you grant the University the right to syndicate any publicly available content on your blog for the purposes of University communications and publicity.

Where to report Violations or Concerns

If you feel any material on this site violates these terms of use or is illegal or inappropriate, or to report any other abusive behavior in connection with the site, please contact the Georgetown University webmaster at If you believe that material on the site infringes your copyright, please follow the University’s DMCA and Courtesy Notification procedures, available at


The posts and comments on this blog are the views and opinions of the authors. Posts and comments are the sole responsibility of the authors. They are not approved or endorsed by Georgetown University and do not represent the views, opinions or policies of the University. Georgetown University can not verify or guarantee that the information presented is accurate or complete and shall not be liable for any harm or damages arising from the content or material posted on this blog. This blog is provided “as is,” and you agree to use this site at your sole risk. Georgetown University makes no representations or warranties concerning the availability of the blog or the information or content contained in the blog, and specifically disclaims all such warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Modification of Blog Terms of Use

Georgetown University will periodically review these Blog Terms of Use and reserves the right to modify them or the blog itself at any time.

15 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. It is hard to believe that in this day in age GWU really believes its own comment policy where it states, “Georgetown University encourages open debate and discussion and is a strong supporter of free speech.”

    As with most of America’s institutions of higher learning, this type of declaration is always applied within the bounds of the arena of liberal thought.

    To be fair, I suppose that if conservatives controlled the agenda at such institutions the new political correctness would center around their beliefs as well.

    The fact remains, however, that there is never, truly freedom of thought and speech without consequences.

    Paul Tooley

  2. This is very nice thing that Georgetown University encourages open debate and discussion. It’s our responsibility not to molest an educational field. All readers should contribute to help other readers to gain the knowledge that he doesn’t know. Let’s all improve ourselves.

  3. I am glad too see a comment policy provided! Far too often blogs will go against any terms and remove comments/posts. Although a champion of freedom of speech I do believe this website is fair to control which posts and comments can go through!
    Sometimes the best web design firms ( will create blogs and forget to be able to set up a comment policy!

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